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Tickets für Flyying Colours 23.04.22 in Berlin, Zukunft Am Ostkreuz

Samstag 23.04.22
Einlass: 21:00 Uhr , Beginn: 21: 30 Uhr
Zukunft Am Ostkreuz, , Berlin

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A dense swirl of multilayered and orchestral swathes of guitar, a sonic cathedral where
influences both sacred and profane meet to confect a divine offering that is formed of a
particular type of musical alchemy. This is the higher plane where Flyying Colours exist.

Taking form in Melbourne as the 2010’s drew towards their denouement, Flyying Colours
have built their dense but intricate musical DNA around the interlocking guitar play and
vocal symbiosis of Brodie J Brummer and Gemma O’Connor. Flagbearers of Australia’s world
renowned shoegaze scene, the four piece may on initial encounter appear to take cues from
seminal influences such as My Bloody Valentine and Ride. However, as their sound has
developed over the course of two acclaimed EPs and album release, they’ve incubated what
can only be described as their own Australian blast of howling yet delicate noise; a
multilayered sensory overload underscored with the delicate filagree of Brummer and
O’Connor’s ethereal boy/girl call and response vocals.

Quickly achieving headliner status in their hometown, with rapturously received sold out
shows that quickly took on the status of events rather than mere gigs, the band were
quickly tapped for an enviable list of tour support slots with the likes of the Jesus and Mary
Chain, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Johnny Marr, A Place to Bury Strangers and The Black
Angels. Far from content to rest on such worthy laurels, the group have also made their
mark on the festival and international touring circuit, adding St Jerome’s Laneway Festival,
Primavera Sound, London Calling in Amsterdam and hotbed of ones to watch, The Great
Escape in Brighton in the UK.

Joined by Melanie Barbaro and Andy Lloyd-Russell on bass and drums, Flyying Colours spent
2019 bunkered down in the studio working their sophomore album due in mid 2020, that
arrives after a conception process that was beset with all the cliched ‘difficult second album’
tropes, but promises that the studio and songwriting labour was more than worth it. Their
startling new long player shows Flyying Colours assured and confident in their songwriting
and meticulous in their studio craft, enlivening their trademark wall of sound with trebly
widescreen panoramas recalling The Cure at their most epic and the Aussie sunshine
psychedelia of Tame Impala at their most luminescent.

With an album in the can that delivers on the promise many industry tastemakers have so
widely tipped, 2020 sees Flyying Colours set to take their swooning crescendos of iridescent
rapture to wider audiences both at home and overseas.